What’s Fresh? Greens!

What’s Fresh? Greens!

What’s Fresh? Greens!

By Seth McBride, Marketing Intern


The women and men of Organicgirl deliver fresh, flavorful greens in every package. They carefully pick their seeds and ingredients to ensure great flavor that is USDA certified organic. Salads are one healthy meal that have become so common that they are sometimes overlooked. However, the greens in salad are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. This week the Co-op is offering five of these organic, pre-packaged salads for only $3.99 each:

Super Spinach – A trifecta of healthy greens: baby bok choy, baby kale, and baby spinach that is loaded with Vitamin C and B9 aka folic acid, which has been known to prevent heart disorders, stroke, cancer, and birth defects.

SuperGreens! – A nutritional superstar mixture of baby greens and red chard, baby tat soi, spinach, and arugula.

Baby Spinach & Arugula – A 50-50 mixture of Popeye’s steroids and the peppery mixture of arugula.

Baby Kale – Kale is known for being a tough and bitter cooking green. However baby kale has all the nutrition of mature kale, but with better flavor. It is tenderer, and is more versatile when it comes to cooking.

Baby Spring Mix – A mix of 14 tender baby greens for just the right amount of sweetness. It was designed by selecting sweet, young lettuces over traditional bitter, more mature leaves to be Organicgirl’s best tasting blend available.

These mixtures work well alone, but these greens are also wonderful cooking ingredients. Enjoy some of these green and delicious recipes: