What Are Braising Greens?


If you’ve peeked into the Co-op produce case lately, you’ve probably seen the local braising greens. What are they? Braising greens can be beet tops, chard, bok choy, chard, collards, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens or any other hearty, dark green leaf.

Alright. We’re good on the greens part, but what about braising? Braising is a cooking technique where the main ingredient (fish, chicken, tofu, etc.) is cooked in very hot oil. Then, the dish is finished by steaming it in liquid. Greens can be added at the end of cooking time, so that they retain their nutrients and color.

Braising greens are also pretty versatile. You can blanch, steam, sautée, or stir-fry them. Add them to omelettes, frittatas, soups, or casseroles. To get you started using braising greens, check out this recipe for Kale and Beet Pita Pizza from Stronger Together. You can even substitute beet greens for the kale!