We’re moving!

store closingIn just 12 days, we will open our new store at 700 Main Street West in Ashland. This means the next few days will be filled with activity at both our Chapple Ave store and the new store.

This week, we start receiving shipments of products for the new store. Our managers and buyers will begin setting things on the shelves in preparation for the volunteers to fill in behind them. Volunteers and staff will start stocking shelves and moving equipment in earnest on Tuesday, September 23. (If you would like to volunteer, please leave your name and phone number at the register or email meaganv@cheqfood.coop.) Next week, we will move our offices to their new space. By Friday, we should be up and running in our home, with time to test things out before our opening.

Speaking of Friday, September 26, that will be our last day at 215 Chapple Avenue. We will be closed Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28 to complete our move and prepare the new store for our opening.

Our opening on Monday, September 28 will be a soft opening. This means not everything will done and we will still be putting some finishing touches on the store. Everything should be in place for our Grand Opening the week of October 19-25.

Your new co-op is going to be amazing. We’ve got more food and more fun in store for you, so we hope you’re ready!