Top Ten Foods to Buy in Bulk



The bulk food section offers a wide variety of flavorful foods. Plus, when you buy in bulk you can save money, reduce packaging, and buy only what you need. Here are the top ten foods to buy in bulk:

Flour – When a one-pound bag is not enough, grab a couple pounds of bulk flour. We carry a variety of flours, including whole wheat, enriched white, gluten-free, rice, almond, and oat. Look for the locally grown and milled wheat flour from Maple Hill Farm in Washburn.
Granola – A breakfast favorite, buying granola in bulk allow you to try as much or as little as you want before committing to a large container. Locally, we carry granolas from Starlit Kitchen and Big Flavor Foods.
Pasta – Whether you are looking for wheat-free or semolina pasta, bulk pasta goes beyond traditional flavors. Plus, if you’re cooking for a crowd, bulk whole-grain pasta offers an inexpensive way to add fiber to your meal.
Nuts – Bulk nuts make a great party snack. We carry a variety of specialty nuts, including tamari-flavored almonds.
Seeds – Flax and sunflower seeds make great additions to breads and other baked goods. Buying in bulk allows you to try more unusual seeds.
Snacks – If you’re hitting the trails or just need a snack for the plane, check out the bulk snacks. From sweet chocolate-covered pretzels to savory sesame sticks, bulk snacks cover the flavor spectrum.
Rice – Sure, you could get traditional white rice, but bulk rice flavors can help you branch out. Try jasmine, short grain brown, or even a local wild rice. Plus, rice stores well in a cool, dry place, so you can buy a lot at once and store it for later.
Beans – These legumes tend to be the first thing people think of when you mention bulk foods. Once you learn how to cook and store them, buying bulk beans can save you both time and money. We stock dark red kidney beans, Great Northern beans, split peas, lentils, and more.
Grains – Yes, we already mentioned rice, wheat, and other grains. But, did you know we carry a variety of grains that can be used instead of rice? Look for millet, quinoa, couscous, and barley in the bulk aisle the next time you have a casserole that calls for rice.
Mixes – Bulk mixes save you time without sacrificing flavor. Look for soup, dip, falafel, and bean mixes in the bulk aisle.