The Incredible Bulk Sale: Bulk Up & Save!

It’s incredible (really)! The Incredible Bulk Sale is on now. For this week only, get 15% off all bulk. (Okay, not ALL bulk. Some exclusions apply.) Not convinced you should buy in bulk? Here are 7 incredible reasons why bulk is better.

  1. Bulk is convenient. Buy as much or as little as you want. No more random giant containers in your cupboards when all you needed was a couple of teaspoons.
  2. Bulk is easy to use. Bring your own containers and receive a 5¢ credit for each one used. No container? No problem! We have bags for you to use or jars for you to purchase. Just remember to weigh your container before you fill it.
  3. Bulk can save you money. Bulk products cost on average 89% less than packaged products. You’re not paying for the packaging or the advertising, so you can save.
  4. Bulk is fresher. You can expect more freshness because bulk products don’t sit around as long as packaged products.
  5. Bulk is eco-friendly. Reduce waste by using reusable containers and avoiding extra packaging.
  6. Bulk can help stock your pantry. The bulk department is loaded with staples such as pastas and flours.
  7. Bulk can help add variety. Try new things without committing to a whole package. Plus, the bulk department carries a number of foods you can’t find anywhere else.