Ten DIY Food Gifts

10diyfoodgiftsSkip the mass-produced gifts this year, and instead give something you made with your own hands. Here’s a roundup of ten easy, do-it-yourself food gifts to make and give. You’ll find the ingredients and even some of the wrapping

  1. Cowgirl or Cowboy Cookies – Assemble all the dry ingredients for these delicious cookies inside sweetly decorated canning jars.
  2. Apples & Oats Biscotti – Make these crunchy Italian cookies and then wrap them up in a mug tied with a bow.
  3. All-Purpose Spice Rub – Give the gift of extra flavor for meat, poultry, or seafood with this easy to make seasoning blend. Added bonus: You can package this blend in a recycled jar and buy all the spices in bulk.
  4. Chai Tea Mix – If you know a tea lover, make this lovely blend. Put it in a simple cellophane bag, top it with a bow, and then pop it into a teacup for a pretty present.
  5. Maple Nut Granola – This delicious breakfast treat could be presented in a pretty canning jar.
  6. Bean Chili Gift Basket – A jar full of colorful beans, canned tomatoes, spices, and a baguette popped into a beautiful basket make this project an easy gift to make.
  7. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix – Peppermint and chocolate mix together in this tasty, warm beverage.
  8. Cranberry Mustard – Tart cranberries pair nicely with mustard in this easy-to-make spread.
  9. Garlic Confit – This delectable spread with the funny sounding name tastes great on crusty bread or used as a rub for poultry.
  10. Spicy Dill Quick Pickles – Whether you go with the traditional cucumbers or try something more unusual like carrots or cauliflower, these pickles are sure to be a hit.

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