Local Vendors

The Chequamegon Food Co-op partners with a variety of local businesses to bring you locally crafted goods and locally grown agricultural products. We define local as those producers within 100 miles of our store in Ashland, Wisconsin. On this page you will find a list of our major local partners. For more information about each business, please click on their name.

For more information about becoming a producer or to update your producer information, please contact us.


Angelica Bear Herbs
Lucy Jackson
Ashland, WI

Bare Naked Soap
Pam Vanderventer
Washburn, WI

Bay Produce
Challenge Center
Superior, WI

Bayfield Apple Co.
Dave Kositzke
Bayfield, WI

Blue Vista Farm
The Carlsons
Bayfield, WI

Bodin Fisheries
Jeff Bodin
Bayfield, WI

Campbell’s Garden
Brent Campbell
Iron River, WI

Coco Bakery
Noreen Ovadia Wills
Washburn, WI

Deep Roots Farm
Sean Godfrey & Britton Doolittle
Mason, WI

Elsewhere Farm
Clare Hintz
Herbster, WI

Eve’s Heirloom Orchard
Tom & Mary Hart
Bayfield, WI

Great Oak Farm
Chris Duke
Mason, WI

Happy Hollow Creamery
Fred Faye & Kelly Hauser
Bayfield, WI

Hauser’s Superior View Farm
Jim Hauser, Jr.
Bayfield, WI

Hermit Creek Farm
Steven & Landis Spickerman
High Bridge, WI

Hidden Vue Farm
Dave Nortunen
Marengo, WI

Highland Valley Farm
The Dale Family
Bayfield, WI

Hilltop Farm
The Lindsleys
Washburn, WI

Hungry Hill Farm
Phil Freeman & Wendy Stein
Washburn, WI

Jalapena Nina’s
Nina Bucher
Mason, WI

Maple Hill Farm
The Coggers
Washburn, WI

Morning View Farm
Gayle Gonsior & Larry Fickbohm
Port Wing, WI

North Star Homestead Farms
Laura, Ann & Kara Belage
Hayward, WI

North Wind Farm
Tom Galazen
Bayfield, WI

Northcroft Farm
Brian Clements
Ashland, WI

Northern Nectar
Glenn & Margaret Jackson
Mason, WI

Party In My Pants
Luci & Lydia Daum
Ashland, WI

Penokee Mountain Lip Balm
Lauren Grevich
Mason, WI

Racey’s Tasties
Sally Hedges
Cornucopia, WI

Rainsong Creations
Audrey Joyner
Bayfield, WI

The Raspotniks
Ken Raspotnik
Ashland, WI

River Road Farm
Todd & Kelsey Rothe
Marengo, WI

Robin’s Lip Balm
Robin Mahoney
Herbster, WI

Silver Sage Nursery
Mary Pearson
Port Wing, WI

Simple Gifts Syrup & Salmon
David Rogotske
Duluth, MN

South Shore Brewery
Bo Belanger
Ashland, WI

South Shore Meats
Benoit, WI, Marengo, WI & Washburn, WI

Spirit Creek Farm
The Sauter-Sargents
Cornucopia, WI

Springbrook Organic Dairy Farm
Theresa Depies
Springbrook, WI

Starlit Kitchen
Kathi Pressnel
Bayfield, WI

Sweet Pea Soaps
Jennifer DeLonay
Marengo, WI

Twisting Twig Farm
Robert Hartman
Herbster, WI

White Winter Winery
Jon Hamilton
Iron River, WI

Wild Hollow Farm
Jason & Melissa Fischbach
Marengo, WI