Rock the Bulk Sale!

Get ready to rock out in the bulk aisle! We’re offering 15 percent off the bulk department in our Rock the Bulk Sale. Grab some rockin’ deals on flours, nuts, dried fruits, pastas, beans, granolas, snacks, and more from April 9-16, 2018. (Excludes coffee and herbs. Other exclusions apply. See Bulk department for details.)

Buying in bulk is great for your budget (buy just the amount you need, at the best prices) and for the environment, since there’s less packaging required. With the opportunity to see and smell a product outside the package before you buy, it’s a fun way to shop too.

New to buying in bulk? Start by stocking up on staples: the bulk section is full of great buys for your pantry, like beans, nuts, cereals, flours, and grains. You can take advantage of the bulk section to sample small amounts of nut butters (you can even grind your own) and pastas.

Besides being more cost-effective, buying in bulk allows you to experiment with new foods. Bring home just enough quinoa for one meal, for example, or enough currants to substitute for raisins in your oatmeal one morning, and then come back for more when you know it’s a winner. No section of your co-op is more fun to browse!