Product Spotlight: Springbrook Dairy


A longtime dream of Theresa Depies, her husband Jeff, their five children, an aunt, and many others became a reality in 2008, with a Mother’s Day gift of one Jersey cow starting it all. Springbrook Organic Dairy has grown by leaps and bounds since then, adding new products each year.

Located north of Springbook, Wisconsin, about 70 miles from Ashland, the farm has been organically operated on 148 acres of the Depies’ land and 30 acres of a neighbor’s pasture since 1990. The family choose Jerseys because of superior milk, higher protein and calcium, and less waste production. The cows are on pasture an average of 200 or more days each year. Customers often say that the milk has a sweeter taste to it. So, yes, the milk is noticeably different!

The dairy currently offers vat pasteurized cream line white milk and chocolate milk in half-gallon and quart bottles. Cream line milks are pasteurized, but not homogenized. This means you get a delicious, separate layer of cream on top of each bottle. Springbrook also makes cheese curds, including a popular Cajun flavor. Last year, they also added a line of drinkable yogurts made with other local ingredients.

Springbrook’s milks come in reusable bottles. When you purchase milk, you pay a $3.00 deposit along with the price of the milk. Once you finish drinking your milk, return the bottle for a refund or apply the deposit to your next milk purchase.