Owner Rewards are here!

Owner Rewards are here!

Owner Rewards are here, so now you can shop, earn, and save! What are Owner Rewards? Read on to find out more…

After a year-long process that included community input through meetings and a public brainstorming session, we have completed our strategic plan, Five to Thrive. One of the most common suggestions offered during the strategic planning process was a discount for low-income shoppers. (In fact, it is an idea that has come up many times over the years.) Couple this with requests for discounts for students, veterans, and the military, and we started to look at ways to accommodate everyone into our discount structure.

Our main discount (besides our quarterly 10% off “We Love Our Owners” coupons) was Senior Monday, where senior owners ages 55+ received 10% off and senior non-owners received 5% off their total every Monday. It’s probably an understatement to say that Senior Monday was a well-loved discount. In 2017, we gave away $48,000 in discounts to seniors ages 55 and older. To add discounts for low-income shoppers, we had to take a hard look at how we could change our discount structure, specifically Senior Monday.
Our new Owner Rewards program is the answer! Owners already receive points toward patronage refunds. (When you look at your receipt, you’ll find your patronage point balance on there already.) Now, you will also accumulate separate points toward discounts, special offers, and bonus rewards. For each $1 you spend, you will earn 1 point.

While Senior Monday has gone away, owners ages 55+ can enroll in our Senior Daily Double and earn double points EVERY DAY! Low-income folks who qualify for EBT, WIC, or Badgercare will also receive double points as part of our Food For All program. These points will be separate from patronage points, so patronage refunds will still be an option as the Co-op becomes more profitable.

How does it work? Next time you are in, check your receipt for your Owner Rewards or Double Points balance. You can ask your cashier to redeem points as follows:

• Redeem 100 points and receive $1 off.
• Redeem 300 points and receive $3 off.
• Redeem 500 points and receive $5 off.
• Redeem 1,000 points and receive $15 off.

Owner Rewards launched last week and is automatically activated on your owner account (if your account is current). You simply need to shop as usual, earn points, and cash your points in for rewards! If you qualify for the Senior Daily Double or Food For All programs, grab an application from a cashier and sign up to start earning double points.

This is just the beginning of a new program we hope you love. The earned discounts are a starting point and we plan to expand the program over time. We see Owner Rewards as a way for us to thank all of you for your continuing support and belief in our mission to provide our community with an enhanced quality of life.