Local Product Spotlight: Starlit Kitchen

DSCN2056Starlit Kitchen owner Kathy Presnell started working in the kitchen of Bayfield’s Wild By Nature in the wee hours of the night. She initially started selling her wares at the Bayfield Farmers’ Market. Her products soon developed a following amongst local restaurants and food retailers.

Now, Kathy works out of a small kitchen on Rice Street in Bayfield, Wisconsin. All of her bread loaves are 100% vegan. On the Co-op shelves you will find the bakery’s Chili-Dill Diamond crackers, Organic Maple Nut-Free Granola, and Bayfield Apple Oatmeal. You will also see three types of bread: Blue Horizon Wheat, Gaia, and Fair French Sour. Starlit Kitchen often fills in our bread selection with other types of bread, as well.

Like many local producers, Kathy looks to area suppliers for her raw ingredients. For example, she uses local whole wheat flour from Maple Hill Farm. She is also trying to incorporate locally grown fruit, berries, herbs, and grains into her products. Many of the ingredients are also certified organic.

Starlit Kitchen recently joined the Bayfield Regional Food Producers Cooperative. To learn more, check out the Starlit Kitchen business profile on the Bayfield Regional Food Producers website.