Lighten Up: 5 Simple Smoothies

Spring is on the way and if the return of the light has you wanting to also lighten up your diet, smoothies are a great way to go. Packed with fresh flavors and a great on-the-go option, you can grab smoothies ready made in the Co-op Deli or make your own at home. Here are five simple smoothie recipes to get you started.


Avocado Smoothie – Avocados are not just for guacamole. Their rich, sweet flesh blends right into this green wonder, with a touch of vanilla and the hidden hydration of cucumber. Add some honey to taste, if you want it a little sweeter.




Citrus Berry Smoothie – A delicious and refreshing smoothie featuring berries, yogurt and orange juice, plus a dash of wheat germ.





Pineapple Green Smoothie – This sweet (but not too sweet) smoothie gets its vibrant color from spinach. Five ingredients make it easy-peasy.
Hidden-Spinach Berry Smoothie – Start your day with a big spinach salad? You will enjoy a salad’s worth of healthy spinach in this luscious smoothie, and hardly notice it’s there. Try freezing your own local berries when they are in season to use in smoothies all year long.
Orange Dream Silken Smoothie –  This delicious fruit smoothie is dairy free, a snap to make and easily customized with your favorite fruits.