Gourd-geous Squash Recipes

Squash is a staple in the fall and winter diet, but it isn’t always the most liked vegetable. If you find yourself on the fence about this hearty gourd, try one of these recipes and see if you can fall in love with squash.

Delightfully delicious squash adds bright color and nutrition to any menu. It can be baked, steamed, mashed, roasted, sautéed or microwaved. It’s especially suited to soups like this easy but elegant Creamy Caramelized Onion and Squash Soup with Croutons (topped with Greek yogurt and toasted pumpkin seeds) and this robust Butternut Squash Soup with Sun Dried Tomatoes, in which it’s paired with onion, mushrooms, garlic, sun dried tomato and potato. When combined with chicken, red potatoes, and a strong seasoning like curry powder, winter squash makes for a hearty Curried Winter Squash and Chicken Stew.

Use winter squash to create luscious risottos, lasagnas and main-dish gratins (topped with Gruyère), or alternate lovely layers of winter squash with fruit such as pears or apples, as in this Winter Squash and Apple Bake (maple syrup and warm spices seal the deal).

Winter squash makes for a beautiful salad when paired with roasted peppers, pine nuts, chickpeas and greens. It holds up well with spicy dressings (think garlic, ginger and jalapeños). In this Ginger Miso Dressing with Squash and Spinach Salad, an Asian-style vinaigrette coats the squash, which is also dotted with sesame seeds, making for a truly enticing dish.

Its creamy texture creates a lovely sauce, too, for serving atop pasta or grains. This Quinoa, Squash and Cheddar Casserole uses squash soup as a short cut. Orange juice, olive oil, butter, balsamic vinegar, tahini and sour cream are good companions.

Winter squash even stars in baked goods—like golden muffins or quick breads with cinnamon and cloves—and desserts, like pies redolent with allspice and nutmeg and cookies dotted with cranberries. Give it a try in this Spiced Winter Squash Bread.

Hungry for more squashy goodness? Check out this list of squash recipes. Read more about the heritage of winter squash and celebrate its delightful taste in this Sweet, Sweet Squash article.

Adapted and republished with permission from strongertogether.coop.