Get Well Sooner – Naturally!

Get Well Sooner: 7 Ways to Feel Better Naturally

Dealing with a runny nose and hacking cough is no fun, so the quicker it’s over the better. Is there anything you can do (besides good old-fashioned medicine) to get well sooner? Thankfully, there are a number of at-home remedies that will help ease the symptoms of a cold or the flu to get you on your way to wellness faster. Just remember that you should see a medical professional if you have trouble breathing, spike a high fever, feel dizzy or disoriented, or have any other serious symptoms that last longer than just a few days.

  1. Stay Hydrated – A runny nose and juicy cough are both productive at getting rid of illness, but your body also loses water in the process. As soon as you feel sick, start sipping water all day. Bonus, it will help with lips that may get chapped from all of that mouth-breathing.
  2. Drink Herbal Tea – Besides downing plenty of plain water, grab a warm mug of herbal tea. Chamomile helps with sleep, while peppermint can help open up nasal passages. If you really need some serious relief from a sore throat, look for tea with slippery elm and licorice. Try echinacea tea for boosting your immune system too.
  3. Sip Some Soup – There’s scientific proof that chicken soup helps relieve cold symptoms, so why not give it a try? If you’re vegetarian, you can get a nutritional boost that could help ease your congestion by eating a broth-based vegetable soup.
  4. Clear Your Nose – Use a neti pot or bulb syringe to clear mucous from your nasal passages. Just make boil the water before you use it (but that isn’t scalding hot when you squirt it in). Boiling kills any bacteria that might be hanging out in the water.
  5. Bundle Up – Wear layers to help regulate your body temperature more efficiently. Sickness often makes us run hot and cold, especially when we have a fever. This constant fluctuation can take its toll, so try to keep your temperature even.
  6. Eat Raw Garlic – The pungent bulb is loaded with antioxidants that help the body both ward off and recover from illness. If you can’t imagine chomping on a clove of garlic alone, mince it and mix it with a bit of honey or combine it with a little maple syrup and use the mixture as a spread on toast.
  7. Steam It Up – Take a hot shower or breath in the steam from a boiling pot of water. Moist air will help loosen congestion and clear out your sinuses. Add peppermint or eucalyptus oils to give the steam a cleansing boost. Try to breath in the steam for at least 15 minutes. Just be careful not to touch the pot, if you boil the water.