Get the Dish on the Deli!


We’ve had lots of interest in our new deli, and now we’re ready to dish! Here are the top five questions we’ve had about the Deli and the answers you’ve been waiting to hear.


Can you get rid of the disposable containers?

We are set up as a grab-and-go deli. This means people need to be able to dish out and take their food with them. All of our packaging is compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable, so in theory it is more environmentally friendly than truly disposable containers. You can definitely bring in your own container, if you’d like to help us cut down on waste. Just make sure it is clean, and then have it weighed and labeled before you package up your food.


deli-platesCan you get reusable plates?

Reusable plates are a great idea in theory, but we do not have a dishwasher or the space to handle them. Plus, from an environmental standpoint, reusable dishes are no better than recyclable (which is what we have), since hand washing dishes uses both water and electricity. A study that looked at the energy used in both the fabrication and use of several types of cups found that reusable cups consume slightly more energy than even single-use paper cups.


deli-salad-barIs anything in the deli organic?

Most of the food in the Deli is organic. The salad bar and hot bar generally contain between 90 to 95 percent organic ingredients. The same is true of everything in the deli cooler and bakery cases. If you want to know if a particular item is organic, please ask a deli assistant.


deli-soupsWhy don’t you list the soups of the day on your menu?

We use the ingredients that are readily available and those that we have on hand at the time to make our soups. This often means that a soup recipe is selected the day before it’s made. Once we get things dialed in a little better, we will have daily soup updates on our website.


deli-biscuitsWhy don’t you have any gluten-free options?

We do now! When we started out, we only had a few gluten-free options in the deli. Now, you can find many dishes, from the cooler to the hot bar, that do not contain gluten. The gluten-free biscuits are a customer favorite (and they’re free with a cup of soup). Plus, we have lots of gluten-free options in our bakery case, including cookies, scones, and bars. Look for the “GF” label on gluten-free items.