Get Ready for Change!

From getting rid of plastic produce bags to online shopping, as the seasons change, so are some things around the Co-op. Here are a few of the exciting projects we are working on around these parts. Look for more details in the store and The Grapevine!

Bulk Buying Options

A few customers have brought up concerns about the plastic clam shells used to package some bulk options, such as raisins. We had tried putting them in bulk bins, but sales suffered considerably. In a search for a happy medium, we are investigating the possibility of introducing bulk bins for some products and possibly packaging some in glass jars.

Community Meals

Join us for an affordable meal on the last Wednesday of every month from 5-7 p.m. Over the next year, we plan on looking at implementing a way for customers to “pay it forward” by purchasing a meal for another person.

Community Mural Project

The big white wall is going to be a whole lot more colorful by the end of summer! Artists Rose Spieler and Mae Stoutenburg met with the Mural Committee (made up of Co-op staff and several community members) to finish up the design. With a final draft in hand, we are now ready to start creating mosaics and work on fundraising for the project. Want to help? Check out the Events page and watch for more details in the coming months.

Deli Dishes

We are currently investigating our options for installing a dishwasher and bringing in reusable dishes for the Deli. Due to the original configuration of the space, we’ve run into a few snags. However, we are hopeful that an affordable solution can be found in the near future.

Online Shopping

Our online store opened in January. While sales have been slow, we expect this service to catch on. It is extremely convenient if you just need to pick up a few items, if you find it tricky to shop with little kids, or if you have trouble moving around. With more use, we hope to expand our pickup hours and possibly add a delivery option.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags in Produce will be discontinued as of April 22. (That’s right, Earth Day!) We will have a new crop of reusable bags available for purchase, but we also encourage you to use the containers and bags you already own. This will be an experiment, so we will be evaluating sales to see if they experience a slump because of the change.