Five Fun Food Films

Food films are a great way to fill your stomach with insatiable hunger while also sparking creativity in the kitchen. These films are sure to inspire experimentation and joy in consuming your cooking. After all, one of the greatest ways to satisfy the heart is through the stomach!



While ratatouille is a delightful French vegetable dish, the children’s film of the same name follows the story of an ambitious rat in Paris who longs to be a chef. While this may be unconventional, and quite unsanitary, Remy the rat teams up with a young and unqualified kitchen worker. However, trouble arises when the proprietor becomes suspicious of the clumsy kitchen worker’s newly found cooking skills.

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After his reputation is tarnished by a critic’s brutal review, Chef Carl Casper quits his job at an upscale Los Angeles restaurant. In an attempt to reconnect with his estranged son, he finds himself in Miami, where Carl teams up with his best friend and son to start a food-truck business. Carl’s quest to become a true chef (with the creative freedom he desires) comes to fruition.



The Hundred-Foot Journey

Once Hassan Kadam and his family are displaced from their home in India, they reestablish themselves in a small French village. They decide to open their own Indian restaurant just 100 feet away from a well-established French restaurant. Hassan plans to perfect his culinary craft. However, a competitive, yet comedic war ensues between the two establishments.

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Julie and Julia

Overwhelmed by her day-job at a call center, Julie Powell sets a challenging goal: to prepare every recipe from Julia Child’s acclaimed cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. As a gifted writer, Julie begins to write about her culinary escapades on a daily blog. The story of Julia’s struggle to master French cuisine, as well as her desire to publish an English text of those recipes, is also interspersed throughout the film.

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Food Matters

This documentary discusses the influence of modern culture on our dietary habits. Evaluating the consequences of our dependence on modern pharmaceuticals, nutritionists suggest that a fiber- and vitamin-rich diet is all we need. While this documentary promotes the production of local foods, it also encourages viewers to develop healthy eating habits so they can live better. After all, you are what you eat.

Food Matters IMDB