Feast Your Eyes On These Pies

Just because you are eating healthier, doesn’t mean you need to give up pie. Dessert can definitely be part of a well-balanced diet. If you want to add a little sweetness to your Thanksgiving menu, check out these healthy pie recipes for inspiration. These delectable yummies clock in at around 200 calories per serving (more or less)!


Sweet Potato Upside Down Pie – This tasty sweet potato pie has less added sugar and fat than traditional versions, without sacrificing flavor. It’s easy to make and is a perfect holiday dessert.



Blueberry Pie – When The Perennial Plate held a lobster bake with Rising Tide Co-op, they had everything but dessert. Camerawoman, Mirra Fine, came to the rescue with this easy and fantastic pie made with frozen blueberries (but when in season, try fresh blueberries).



Cranberry-Orange Galette – Ruby red cranberries tucked in to a rustic, open-faced pastry crust is a beautiful yet simple finale to any fall/winter meal. We carry fresh, local cranberries from Three Lakes, Wisconsin.



Frozen Pumpkin Mousse Pie – It’s fun to shake up (Thanksgiving) tradition with something new. This easy pie just might become a new holiday favorite.




Eggnog Custard Pie – This sumptuous custard pie highlights eggnog’s warm, spicy flavors.




Want pie without all the work? We do carry frozen Pumpkin Chiffon and Vegan Pumpkin pies from Willamette Valley Pie Co. Just pop them in the oven and they’ll be freshly baked in no time! And if you just want a single serving, check out the Willamette Valley Pie Co. pies in the Deli cooler (available starting later this week). Grab a slice of Cherry, Marionberry, Pecan, or Pumpkin.