Eco Tips & an Earth Day Surprise!

Earth Day is a good reminder to decrease the amount of waste we create and improve our impact on the environment. To help you do that, we have five eco tips, plus we are giving away free reusable shopping bags with surprises inside to the first 50 shoppers on Earth Day!*

  1. Reduce your plastic consumption. Convenience items often come packaged up in plastic. While the Co-op makes a concerted effort to stock items that use recyclable or compostable plastics, switching over to non-convenience foods will reduce your use of plastics.
  2. Compost your food scraps. Your waste can become fertilizer for your garden. No space for a compost pile? Try vermiculture, where earth worms break down your scraps in a small container.
  3. Don’t let good food go bad. If you bought fruits, veggies, cheese, butter, meat, or other fresh products and you won’t be able to use them before their expiration date then pop them into the freezer. They’ll keep until you need them, just remember they are there!
  4. Grow food from scraps. With everything from lettuce to onions, you can regrow more produce. Here’s how you can regrow 25 foods from scraps.
  5. Buy in bulk. Bulk foods allow you to reduce the amount of food that might go stale from having too much because you can buy only the quantity you need. Plus, you can use your own containers and bypass all of the packaging waste associated with packaged foods.


*Giveaway on Sunday, April 22, 2018. First come, first served. Offer good while supplies last. All bags will contain assorted giveaways. Five bags will contain gift cards with four at $5 and one at $20 dollars.