Delightful Dinner Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so why not plan a special meal that you’re sure to love? Surprise your sweetie or treat yourself to one of these delightful dishes.


Mushroom Risotto – Dried mushrooms boost the meaty, mushroomy qualities of this hearty risotto. Make this with vegetable stock and it can be a vegetarian dish, or use chicken stock and add some cooked chicken for a main course.


Hot & Spicy Tofu – Spice up a weeknight dinner with this quick and easy tofu and vegetable recipe.


Chevre, Fig & Honey Pizzas – This pizza is a lovely mix of sweet and savory, and showcases the Mediterranean flavors of figs and tangy cheese. If you are looking for some nibbles to serve alongside wine, make a few of these. They will be a hit!


Chicken & Asparagus with Melted Gruyere – A luxurious white wine sauce with tarragon, lemon and Gruyère cheese make this simple and elegant dish delicious.


Mixed Mushroom Ragout – This mushroom ragout makes a delicious side, topping for grilled meats or poultry, or as a substitute for gravies.


Fish in Herbed White Wine and Caper Sauce – In the classic French tradition, you will build this flavorful sauce in the pan by first reducing wine and lemon, then using it to deglaze the browned bits of fish. Whisking in butter forms an emulsified sauce that is best eaten immediately—which is easy to do, since the sauce is so incredibly delicious!


Chicken Ricotta Stuffed Shells – Five luscious cheeses make this dish a delightful crowd-pleaser.


Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore – Chicken cacciatore is Italian for “hunter’s chicken,” and it’s a classic, simple way to prepare poultry. This version has added vegetables and makes use of inexpensive leg pieces, which stew to tender perfection in the slow-cooker. Serving the flavorful sauce over brown rice stretches the meat, and makes use of every drop of chickeny goodness.


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