Community Mural Project

Chequamegon Food Co-op  is committed to providing our community an enhanced quality of life. That is our mission and we meet it through a number of Ends (our organizational purpose). We do this by ensuring that people have access to healthy, organic, and locally produced goods which in turn assists in providing our community with a thriving local economy. To support these goals, we provide information to help our community be more knowledgeable about choices that impact the economy, personal wellness, and the environment.

How does a mural fit into all of this and why are we asking for your assistance in this project? This mural project would be a visible interpretation of our Ends and allow us to bring awareness to our mission. By promoting community involvement in the process from start to finish, we hope to increase awareness of how the Co-op can be a force of change FOR our community with strong support FROM our community.

This past fall, we launched the Co-op’s Community Mural Project to cover the Big White Wall on the west side of our building with a mural. Artists Rose Spieler and Mae Stoutenburg (the same artists who have done mosaic and mural projects across Ashland) jumped on board to lead the project. Through a series of community meetings and other public input, Rose and Mae have gathered enough information to develop the final design for the mural (see above).

Beginning in March, you will have the opportunity to create small mosaic pieces that will be added to the mural. these mosaic workshops will continue through May, when we will hopefully move the show outside and beginning applying the mural to the wall. See the updated workshop schedule on the Events page or on the Co-op’s Facebook page.

On the surface, a mural is just a pretty picture. But this project will go much deeper than that. We want the community to be involved in designing, creating, and celebrating a masterpiece that focuses on our shared love (and need) of good food.

Because this is a community project, we are asking for your help with funding. With a contribution from you, we can make this vision a reality. We hope that you believe so as well. If you would like to contribute to the mural, please visit the Co-op Community Mural Project GoFundMe page. Thank you in advance for your support!

This is a partnership project with the Alliance for Sustainability . The Co-op Community Mural Project is partially funded by a grant from the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council .