Bulk Bonanza Sale!

Bulk Bonanza Sale!

Buying in bulk is great for your budget. This week, you can rope in the bulk bargains during our Bulk Bonanza Sale! Now through Sunday, January 14, 2018, save 15% off regular prices for products like bulk flours, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices, teas, pastas, beans, and more!* Curious about how to buy in bulk and save?

Make the most of bulk

When you shop the Co-op’s bulk section you can purchase just the amount of product you need, rather than predetermined amounts. Most products (herbs and spices especially) are much less expensive per ounce than their prepackaged versions; after all, you’re not paying for all that packaging and advertising! And there’s no need to pay for what you won’t use. Instead, you can choose from a wide selection of products and find exactly what you need, whether it’s just enough basil to try that new salmon recipe or enough oats to make a jumbo batch of granola.

Low-impact eating

It takes enormous resources and energy to produce cans and boxes and cartons and labels – almost all of which wind up in our landfills. Even recyclable food packaging takes energy to produce and recycle. You make a significant environmental difference by buying in bulk – especially when you reuse your own containers and bags.

Tips for Buying in Bulk

Before heading out to the Co-op, you might want to organize your cupboards a bit and make room for your bulk products. Try purchasing some airtight glass jars and some labels (you can even buy jars at the Co-op) so you can keep track of what’s what once you put it in your kitchen or pantry. Bring your empty containers and sacks to the Co-op, along with a list of how much you need of which ingredients.

To help you get started in the store, the Co-op provides shoppers with plastic bags for dry bulk items and plastic containers for liquid bulk items. When you come into the Co-op, please remember to weigh your containers before filling them (just ask an employee to help you), so that you don’t get charged for the weight of the containers when the products are weighed for checkout.

When filling your containers, please use the provided scoops. If you’re purchasing a liquid bulk item, please take your time, but if you do spill something, don’t panic.  A sink is available to you for clean up, and if you need assistance just ask a staff person – that’s why we’re here! Also, note the PLU number of whatever item you want to purchase by writing the PLU number on a sticker and then placing the sticker on the container you’ve filled. This helps ensure that you are charged for the correct product.

The Co-op staff can also help you if you’d like to order a large amount of an item (a 25-pound bag of millet, for example). We are able to special-order most items for our shoppers, so if you need a lot of something it’s a great way to save.

No matter if you’re a newbie bulk shopper or a seasoned scooper, if you have any questions or need guidance in our bulk section all you have to do is ask for assistance from a Co-op employee. We are happy to help you!

*Bulk Bonanza Sale excludes bulk coffee, special orders, Co+op Basics, and other non-discountable products.