2021 Patronage Rebate Now Available!

2021 Patronage Rebate Now Available!

As you followed along with the financials in 2021, you know we were able to manage one of the best financial years in the history of the co-op. We know this success is because of your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and patience. 

As a share owner, one perk is the potential for a patronage rebate each year. We are extremely excited to announce that we are issuing a patronage rebate for the 2021 fiscal year! The Co-op’s profit from Owner sales between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 was $405,500. Per the Board of Directors, the Co-op is distributing 30% ($121,650) to Owners. The remaining 70% is retained equity. This is non-voting equity which carries no additional rights or benefits.

Your patronage rebate is based on the amount purchases you made in the 2021 and will be on your account as a store credit at the register. Ask your friendly cashier to apply it to your purchase. Using your credit this way is easy and saves us supplies, staff time, and mailing expenses. At the register, you can also choose to donate your patronage to the co-op staff, the BRICK, micro-loans, or the month’s Round for Partners recipient. The refund may be received in check form if your refund amount is greater than $5.00 and must be in requested in writing. Use the form that your received in the mail to do so.

This patronage refund credit will only be available until December 31, 2022. After that date, any unclaimed money will be returned to the Co-op and considered taxable income.

Your board and store staff are honored to continue to work hard protecting your investment. We thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Congratulations on being an essential piece in such a thriving community business! 

*In the letter sent out, the total co-op owner sales was accidentally listed as the total co-op sales (non-owners included) – $478,339. Above it is listed correctly as the total owner sales being $405,500.