10 Delicious Irish Dishes

Say that ten times fast! Then after you do, dig into these 10 Irish recipes (both traditional and not-so-much) that will fill your plate and your belly.


Irish Bangers & Mash – A traditional Irish dish. And the translation? Sausage and mashed potatoes (this recipe features cabbage in the mash!).

Irish Soda Bread – If you are looking for a crusty, hearty bread that requires very little effort, this is the one for you. It’s really like a giant scone, dappled with caraway and raisins. Since it is not a yeast bread, it doesn’t require any rising time; just stir it up and bake!

Irish Breakfast – If you’ve got a busy day ahead, start it off with this heart Irish breakfast. The bacon, fried tomatoes, blood sausage (black pudding), and soda bread will keep you going. Don’t forget the Irish breakfast tea!

Corned Beef & Cabbage – Really an American-Irish tradition, this hearty dinner will fill you up and then some.

Irish Stew – A true classic, this stew makes a perfect dinner. Just make sure you have leftovers because it gets better with age!

Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Topped with garlic mashed potatoes, this rich dish gets added flavor from dark beer.

Colcannon – Another traditional Irish dish, this mash of cabbage and potatoes goes well with lamb, ham, and corned beef.

Beef Potpies with Cheddar-Stout Crust – Richly flavored, this pot pie uses Irish cheddar cheese for added creaminess.

Classic Crisp Sandwich – If you overindulge St. Patrick’s Day, then give this hangover cure a try! The fat and carbs will sop up any leftover alcohol in your stomach and get you on your way to recovery.