Wellness Insights: Summer Massage Benefits


summer foot massage

With the warmth of summer comes an increase in outdoor activities, including the sore muscles that go with them. A regular summer massage can help relieve the typical muscle aches and pains associated with our more active warm weather undertakings. Here are just a few of the ailments massage can help relieve:

Tennis elbow – Even if you never try your back hand on the court, you might find yourself suffering from this painful form of tendonitis. Caused by micro tears of the tendons in the forearm, this ailment is caused by repetitive and stressful use of the tendons and muscles of the wrist. Massage helps both in the rehabilitation and prevention of tennis elbow by increasing blood flow to the area.

Shin splints – Whether you’re biking, jogging, hiking, or just walking, shin splints can pop up from overuse of weak leg muscles. Ill-fitting shoes can also contribute to this painful condition. Shin splints can often involve other muscles in the legs, due to the complex way our leg muscles work together. This means a massage therapist will often work on the feet and ankles to help combat shin pain.

Back pain – The most common reason to seek a massage, back pain often becomes more common with activities that involve twisting the core of your body, such as paddling sports, volleyball, and golf. Massage can help loosen muscles and get you back in the game. Just go back with the aim of increasing your core body strength.

July brings massage therapist Kathryn Roman to the store. Kathryn originally trained at Therapeutic Body Concepts in San Antonio, Texas. While certified in massage therapy in Texas she worked in a variety of spa and clinical settings as well as maintained a private mobile massage practice. Kathryn and her husband moved to Ashland in 2006 to start a family and she attended the WITC Therapeutic Massage program to become nationally certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

Kathryn has worked to build on her skills as a massage therapist by attending classes and hands-on workshops including neuromuscular, deep tissue, myofacial and craniosacral, prenatal massage, reflexology and Reiki energy work. Her full-time practice, Nature’s Honey Therapeutic Massage, is located in the Ellis School where she utilizes her skills as a massage therapist to help her clients alleviate pain and maintain their wellness goals. Kathryn will be at the store for Wellness Wednesday from 2:30 until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.