Statement on Racism

Statement on Racism

The Chequamegon Food Co-op shares the deep pain and anger that many are experiencing as a result of the unprovoked and inhumane murder of Minnesotan George Floyd, and countless others. Our hearts ache for his daughter, family and friends. His sacrifice must serve as the catalyst for true systematic change. As his 6-year-old daughter was quoted as saying, “Daddy changed the world”.

Systematic racism must end. Implicit bias must take a back seat to educated understanding. All Americans must join the movement for which black & brown Americans have fought for centuries. As the call and national chants for change are for our black citizens, we know close to our hearts that our native citizens suffer these injustices as well. Now is the time for change.

We have watched as our city, state and country have relented to this horrific incident by taking a collective stand against police brutality and to end decades long injustice toward Black Americans. We are proud to see these calls for change, community-led clean-ups and this positive powerful push toward equality for our black families, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

On the surface, we are a grocery store, but we are also an organization following a mission to foster a thriving community. We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere for all and hope that everyone finds comfort, and a sense of belonging inside our walls.

We tout this mission, yet we know that we are not perfect in its implementation. All of us develop biases over the course of our lives. These biases are affected by personal experience, and by things we learn from others. No matter what our personal biases or thought, all of us at the co-op have been thinking of ways by which we can promote change individually and as a business. Here is a working list of pledges that we’re making to challenge learned biases, and this is just the beginning. Moving forward, we will continue to do our part to promote and support systematic change. 

  • We are here to listen, not persuade.
  • We promise to learn, not pass judgement.
  • As we work to challenge the food system, we promise to challenge our own systems.
  • I pledge to speak up and speak out if I witness racism.