Product Spotlight: Lea’s Organic Herbal Skin Care


In an effort to move away from chemical-laced skin care products, many local folks have turned to Lea’s Organic Herbal Skin Care. Lea Rolfsen, creator and owner of this local company, left her native Denmark to study herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies. Since then, she has dedicated her life to growing, nurturing, and working with healing plants. Lea splits her time between her 70-acre property in Colorado and her local property in Washburn, Wisconsin.

A staple at the Ashland Area Farmer’s Market, Lea offers skin care products that have been hand-crafted using fresh herbs and flowers that she grows herself. The herbs are picked at the height of their potency and Lea infuses them in organic oils warmed by the sun and extracted at the full moon.

Lea’s Organic Herbal Skin Care line includes Lea’s Flower Cream (a moisturizer for face and hands), Fae Toner (to tone and firm the skin), Chamomile Eye Cream (to smooth fine lines and wrinkles), Healing Salve (to repair dry, chapped, or injured skin), Lip Balm (for dry, chapped lips), Arnica Oil (for pain relief), St. John’s Wort Oil (an anti-inflammatory), and Mosquito Repellant (to keep the bugs away). For more information about Lea’s Organic Skin Care, visit our Health & Wellness aisle to read Lea’s brochure or talk to Pat or Julie.