Apps & Websites to Make Food Fun

Apps & Websites to Make Food Fun

Play with Your Food: Apps & Websites to Make Food Fun

Eating healthy can be fun with phone apps and websites that make it so. Apps can help take the guess work out of cooking and websites can help you learn more about how to make amazing meals, all while having a blast.


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories’ beautiful interface helps you find delicious recipes with step-by-step preparation instructions and entertaining how-to videos. This app automatically generates shopping lists, too. Free


Did you forget to buy milk? Or is your friend allergic to gluten? Substitutions offers over 1200 replacement ingredient suggestions. It can be an adventure to use something a little different in place of your usual ingredients, too. $2.99

Food Network in the Kitchen

The Food Network in the Kitchen app is one of the top-rated recipe apps and for good reason. Watch clips from your favorite Food Network shows, recipes from your favorite hosts (over 50,000 recipes and counting!), and lots of cooking inspiration. $1.99

Perfect Produce

How can you tell if an avocado is perfectly ripe? If it is ripe, what should you do with it? Perfect Produce gives you the secrets so you can pick perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables every time you shop. You’ll also get storage tips, preparation hints, nutritional information, and recipes.


You’ll eat it when you see it. Just like the dating app Tinder, Tender matches you with potential meals. Swipe right if you like what you see or left if you don’t. You can make your own cookbook and share recipes with friends.




Curious about what that pasta dish at the local Italian place looks like? Foodspotting allows users to upload photos of food they’ve eaten and then others can check them out.

Cooking Up a Story

It’s easy to feel detached from the way modern food is produced. Cooking Up a Story aims to change that by bringing you the stories of the folks who make your food.

Punk Domestics

This community blog site focuses on food preservation and other related topics like micro-farming and foraging. Users can share tips, tricks, recipes, and stories. Fun to read and fun to participate!

The Nibble

If you love gourmet foods, The Nibble is for you. The website reviews the best specialty foods (like beverages, condiments, and snacks) and offers tips and recipes for getting the most out of them.

Serious Eats

It’s serious, but it’s also seriously fun. Serious Eats dives deep into the science of food, exploring how to cook the best way, the truth behind food myths, and more.