New Local Producer: Bay Produce

The Produce Department of the Chequamegon Food Co-op now features tomatoes from Bay Produce in Superior. Bay Produce is a program of the Challenge Center, an organization that creates employment opportunities for people with special needs. Workers  tend tomatoes and peppers in Bay Produce’s greenhouses in Superior.

Bay Produce has been producing greenhouse tomatoes year-round since 1986 using a semi-hydroponic system. Specifically, the tomatoes are grown in a coconut coir growing medium and are periodically fed conventional fertilizer. This means they are not certified organic, though no pesticide sprays are used. The growers at Bay Produce deploy beneficial insects to keep insect pest populations in check.

The Co-op will still keep certified organic tomatoes in stock, though we also feel that regionally-grown  produce is a good option; especially when it serves a good cause.