Meet the Candidate – Scott

Meet the Candidate – Scott

Scott Lake

Describe your experience with this cooperative and cooperatives generally.

I support the concept of cooperatives, knowing that members share values and goals. I was a member of Peoples’ Co-op in Portland, Or for 20 years before moving to Ashland. I volunteered during their renovations, working on COB structures. I joined the Chequamegon Food Co-op when my daughter was a student at Northland, in 2009.

Summarize your professional experience and relevant sills. What unique skills, personal qualities, or perspectives will you bring to the board?

Teacher – middle school science; integrated school greenhouse into curriculum; wrote curriculum for biological sciences. Bargaining chair for Portland Association of Teachers, 1990.

I like working with people and finding connections between people. I enjoy working with others to brainstorm, problem solve, ect.

What’s your vision for the future of our cooperative? What makes you passionate about the co-op and/or its mission?

I wish to support the Co-op’s work toward increasing membership, encourage more members to pay with cash and help members feel more connected to local farmers. I’m interested in exploring the possibility of the co-op selling wine.

I love the range of products, the friendliness of the staff, the variety of class offerings, the feeling of “home”.

Why are you interested in serving on the co-op’s board of directors?

I want to be a useful part of a great organization, which i consider our co-op to be. I want to work with others and for others who care about small-scale farming. Any work we do in that direction is a stand against factory farming.

Add anything else you feel is relevant to your candidacy.

I’m a former stutterer who is now pretty gregarious. I’ve had a variety of life experiences, starting and ending in the Midwest, living on both coasts, traveling extensively in Chile. I have a passion for plants, gardening, tree planting, cooking, baking bread, recycling and composting.

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