Local Product Spotlight: Hidden-Vue Farm


Down a short gravel drive just off the Marengo River, you’ll find Hidden-Vue Farm, a working family farm that has supported four generations. David Nortunen, along with his wife Jennifer and three children (Mia, Kieren, and Matthew), operates the farm that his family has worked for over 100 years. Just 12 miles south of Ashland, Hidden-Vue currently produces certified organic, grass-fed beef for the local market.

David brings his cattle to North Star Bison to be processed primarily because they have a machine that automatically weighs, barcodes, and packages his hamburger into one-pound square brick packages. The machine is very expensive and few processors have one. The square brick packages store better and last longer than the old tube-style packages. Unfortunately, North Star Bison is not certified organic so he isn’t able to put the organic seal on his meat, even though all the land and all of the animals at Hidden-Vue Farm are certified organic through the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA). This means his fields never get pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer and his cattle do not get any growth hormones or antibiotics of any kind.

Hidden-Vue Farm distributes their beef throughout the Chequamegon Bay region through South Shore Meats, a cooperative of four local family farms and through the Bayfield Regional Food Producers Co-op, a cooperative of 15 local producers including meat, vegetable, fruit, and cheese producers. At the Chequamegon Food Co-op you will find 100% grass-fed beef 1/3 pound hamburger patties, ground beef, roasts, and steaks.