Local Produce Spotlight: Hungry Hill Farm


Phil Freeman and Wendy Stein founded Hungry Hill Farm years ago on a small hill near Washburn, Wisconsin. The area where they live was referred to as “hungry hill” because it was difficult to make a living farming. They assumed this was due to the sandy soil and lack of equipment that farmers have available today. The farm is about 80 acres, and mostly wooded with only about one acre under cultivation. Phil and Wendy produce vegetables and fruit along with honey and maple syrup.

While not certified organic, they use organic practices. Phil and Wendy use cover crops and crop rotation. When available, they also incorporate composted manure and their own compost to amend the soil.

They grow most of the common vegetable crops as well as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, and apples. Since Phil and Wendy utilize a high tunnel, they grow a large quantity of spinach. They love beans and grow a variety of dry beans, including soybeans. Plus, Hungry Hill is probably one of the few farms in Bayfield County growing okra.

In the future, Phil and Wendy will continue to grow vegetables and utilize their high tunnel to extend the growing season. They also hope to transition to more fruit production.