Hello co-op friends!

Welcome to our new website! We’ve made a lot of changes, and I’m sure you’re wondering where to go. Let’s get some of the questions you might have out of the way first!

Based on feedback regarding our old website, we kept the Living Naturally information. You’ll find this under the Resources section at the Health Information link.

We now have a visual calendar, which should make it easier to find the events, movies, classes, and discount days you want to attend. You will find a list of events under the Events link.

As you know, we utilize a wealth of local producers to stock our store. On the Producers page, you will find a list of the businesses who regularly supply us with products, along with more information about them.

There are many more features available, too. We encourage you to poke around a little bit to see what’s here. Please let us know what you think!