Goodbye, Senior Monday…

Goodbye, Senior Monday…

One of the most common suggestions offered during the strategic planning process was a discount for low-income shoppers. It’s actually come up often in our customer comments and brainstorming sessions. Couple this with requests for discounts for students, veterans, and the military, and we started to look at ways to accommodate everyone into our discount structure.

It’s probably an understatement to say that Senior Monday is a well-loved discount program. In 2017, we gave away $48,000 in discounts to seniors ages 55 and older. A few years ago, we started to notice a trend though. The growth of these discounts was outstripping the increase in our sales. At the end of the day, the Co-op’s sales are growing at a much slower pace than the discounts we are giving away. Our growth last year was around 4%, while the growth in Senior Monday discounts was around 8%.

As you know from your own personal budget, you can’t keep spending more than you take in. That means, to keep the Co-op on solid financial ground, we had to take a hard look at how we could change our discount structure (even while being asked to include other groups).

Our new Owner Rewards program is the answer! Owners already receive points toward patronage refunds. Now, you will also accumulate points toward discounts, special offers, and bonus rewards. For each $1 you spend, you will earn 1 point. These points will be separate from patronage points, so the point balance in the Owner Rewards program will start at zero when the program launches in June.

We will have multiple ways that points can be earned and redeemed. They might be used for a discount, but there will also be swag or other fun things to put points toward. There will be instant rewards, where products are discounted instantly at the registers or you can redeem points on specific items to get an instant rebate.

So, what will happen to Senior Monday? The Senior Monday discount will be absorbed into the new rewards program. These discounts will no longer be a one-day-only deal. Instead, seniors can earn and receive rewards on any day of the week! Because we value the support of seniors and we recognize that this is a big change, folks ages 55 and better will receive double points upon enrollment in our Senior Daily Double program. (You’ll need to opt in to receive double points, and we will start signing folks up before the program launches in June. In fact, we have applications at all the registers to get the ball rolling and once you sign up, you’ll never have to do it again for as long as you are an owner of the co-op.)

And how about low-income shoppers? Low-income owners will earn double points too. If you qualify for WIC, EBT, or BadgerCare, you will be eligible for our Food for All program. Enrollment will begin before the Owner Rewards program launches and will be renewable annually. Applications are the same as the Senior Daily Double, so grab one at the registers if you would like to apply.

We see the Owner Rewards program as a more inclusive (and fun) way to pass on savings to every one of our owners and hope you grow to love it! It even covers students, military, and veterans. We worked hard to come up with a program that was both useful (with discounts you’ll want) and engaging (with bonuses you’ll love). The program had to be both good for owners and good for the Co-op. It’s a balance that we believe Owner Rewards achieves. There are brochures with all the details about the program available at the registers and we will be available at the store to answer any questions before the program launches in June.



SHOP for your favorite products. Simply give your owner number to the cashier at check out to participate in the program.

EARN points for your purchases. For every $1 you spend you will receive 1 point. Owners enrolled in the Senior Daily Double or Food for All programs, for every $1 you spend you will receive 2 points. Bonus points can also be earned by purchasing featured products.

SAVE on rewards and other discounts. Points can also be redeemed for bonus rewards.


Earn points toward discount rewards.
$1 = 1 point
$1 = 2 for Daily Double & Food For All
• Redeem 100 points and receive $1 off.
• Redeem 300 points and receive $3 off.
• Redeem 500 points and receive $5 off.
• Redeem 1,000 points and receive $15 off.


• Quarterly 10% Off We Love Our Owners coupons.
• Instant sales on select products.
• Bonus rewards – freebies such as swag, coffee, cookies, and more!


Senior Monday is changing! Now, owners who are seniors ages 55+ will earn double reward points every day upon enrollment in the Senior Daily Double Rewards Program. You will be required to complete a one-time form to enroll.

Shoppers who qualify for EBT, WIC, or Badgercare will earn double points upon enrollment in the Food For All Rewards Program. Qualifying shoppers will be required to complete a form and show proof of eligibility to enroll on an annual basis. Renewal will be required annually on the initial enrollment date.


*Please note: Senior Daily Double & Food For All programs cannot be combined to receive quadruple points.