Gifts, Gadgets, and Goodies!

Gifts, Gadgets, and Goodies!

We don’t just sell food! You probably already knew that, but we all need a little reminder every once in a while.

It’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 hit world running. Since, we have made a lot of changes to our store and our processes. One of major changes happened in our Deli seating area. Surprise! It’s no longer a deli seating area. We have turned into our little general merchandise and gift nook.

A little bit hidden over there, so we wanted to give you a proper tour. Especially for those of you who order online, and may need something little more than just your everyday groceries.


We have a variety of winter hats for kids and adults! Our knitted hats are fair-trade and handcrafted.

We also have Chequamegon Food Co-op ball caps, and beanies. Look this spring for summer gardening hats as well! These were embroidered in Ashland, WI at Heart Graphics.

We have fair-trade headbands too!


Can’t have winter hats without mittens to go with. Plus the fact we live in northern Wisconsin. We sell wool mittens made locally. And we sell fair-trade hand knitted mittens.

We also have snow sleeves, made locally in Washburn, WI! AdventureUs knows the snowy winters we have and wants to make us all more comfortable playing in the snow.


We carry many beautiful stationery products. Danik helps to build schools and support artists with their journals. We also have highlighters made from 75% recycled plastics.

co-op swag

This winter we released new co-op artwork and it’s on t-shirts, bags, stickers, magnets, bandanas, and onesies! All textiles are printed in house at Heart Graphics in Ashland, WI.

These are perfect gifts for friends and family who not only love the Chequamegon but love good food.


Have you noticed we like to help you stay warm? We could all use a new set of warm, cozy socks. From alpaca wool to organic cotton, we’ve got you covered.

games and books

We have lots and lots of goodies for kids of all ages, 0 – 120!

We have lots of story books, but also cookbooks, crafting books, and supplies. Learn origami!


We’ve got dresses, onesies, socks, hats, booties, and more! The lake superior prints come from Three Sisters in Cornucopia, WI, and the dresses come from Luci Daum design in Ashland, WI.

Our kids toys are either from Plan Toys or Green Toys. Green toys are made from 100% recycle plastics and made in the USA. Plan Toys are sustainably manufactured with sustainable materials.

Wee-Kicks are locally made in Ashland, WI! Great shoes for you little ones.

hair accessories

We’ve got scrunchies, headbands, hairclips, plus all the regular hair care products in our wellness section of the store. Who knew the food co-op could give you the best hair in town?!


Birthday, sympathy, thank you, anniversary, encouragement, baby shower, wedding, greeting, get well, and blank cards all available!

Cards are either made locally or are fair-trade and handmade from recycled paper.


Silk bags and wind chimes. Bright and elegant for spring and summer!

Ceramic planters. Just another reason to get more plants!

ditch plastics

Bamboo and metal cutlery and dishes are great for being on the go! Easy to clean, and you can feel good about ditching single-use plastics.

So next time you’re in the store or order online, get your self a little something fun!