From the BOD

Hello members!

I am curious about how the new rigors of personal interactions are going to change our culture, but for the better? My hope is that in the near future we begin to include more people in all our meetings (not in person but via video). Our board has been adopting video conferencing over the last week and as clumsy as we have been (along with a three hour conference call) there is the possibility that more of you will view our meetings via live video than has been in the past via in-person attendance. These video meetings allow more flexibility in attendance and less sacrifice on attendees’ schedules.

This week, the board hiring committee is meeting remotely (and in closed session) to take our next step in hiring the new general manger.

In April, look for our monthly board meeting on-line. We are allowed up to 100 attendees through video, we will send out and post a link for those who might be interested in joining.