Ten Quick Tips for Easy Holiday Entertaining

By Meagan Van Beest, Marketing & Member Services Manager

1. Keep a variety of fruits, cheeses, and crackers on hand. These tasty treats make quick and healthy snacks or appetizers.
2. Plan for leftovers. Keep a variety of containers in your cupboard, so you can easily send food home with your guests.
3. Freeze soups for a quick meal. When unexpected guests drop by, you can throw together a fast meal by heating up the soup and adding some bread.
4. Throw a potluck. Take away some of the stress of cooking for a crowd by having guests bring a dish to pass.
5. Consider your guests’ food preferences and allergies. Add at least one item to your menu that meets everyone’s eating preferences.
6. Prepare ahead, as much as possible. Make items that are served at room temperature (such as cakes, breads, and snacks) in advance to save a big rush the day of your party.
7. Try new recipes before the big day. Adding the stress of guests and limited time to the ingredients list sometimes yields less than the best, so test new recipes well before your party.
8. Keep it simple. Limiting the number of fancy and messy dishes on your menu also limits the amount of clean-up and hassle.
9. Stay on top of cleaning. Clean your house a little every day and you won’t have to rush around before a party or be embarrassed when surprise visitors drop by.
10. Laugh and have fun! Remember that no one has ever really died of embarrassment and laughter can change a messy situation into a memorable one.