Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

Imported from Argentina, we now have dulce de leche on our shelves! A regular customer of our is from Argentina and thrilled that we finally carry it, and wanted to share with us some of the ways it is used and the history of the product.

The origin and story of dulce de leche is highly contentious. Both Argentina and Uruguay claim dulce de leche as a Gastronomical Heritage. Today, UNESCO recognizes dulce de leche as a gastronomic heritage of Rio de la Plata, the area shared by Argentina and Uruguay.

Here are some links with more information and recipes. As you can see the dulce de leche” is used in many different ways and as we say in Argentina “Everything tastes better with dulce de leche”. 🤤

Recipes that feature dulce de leche: