Bag Credit

You will receive a $.05 credit for each bag of your own that you use. Bring reusable bags with you every time you shop to save! Please tell the cashier how many of your own bags you use.

Bicycle Benefits

The Chequamegon Food Co-op honors and sells Bicycle Benefits program stickers. With a valid sticker on your helmet, you will receive 10% off an one item in the store. For more information about the program and how it works, please visit the Bicycle Benefits website.


We now honor memberships from other co-ops. Visitors can mention their membership and receive member specials.

Wellness Wednesday

Current owners receive 10% off all books, health and body care supplies, and supplements on the second Wednesday of each month.

Senior Daily Double

Owners who are seniors ages 55+ will earn double reward points upon enrollment in the Senior Daily Double Rewards Program. Seniors ages 55+ will be required to complete a onetime form to enroll.

Food for All

Owners who qualify for EBT, WIC, or Badgercare will earn double points upon enrollment in the Food for All Rewards Program. Qualifying owners will be required to complete a form to enroll on an annual basis. Renewal will be done annually on the initial enrollment date.

NEW! Double Produce Dollars

Double your produce! Anyone who shows their SNAP/EBT card when checking out, will receive 50% off their produce. The Chequamegon Food Co-op partners with Hunger Task Force to match produce purchases for qualified customers. Learn more here.