Cool Tools: Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Actually Use

We all have high hopes for new tools when we bring them home. We also all have kitchen gadgets that sit unused, except for that one time you really need it every couple of years. To help you evaluate kitchen tools and their usefulness, here are reviews of eight great kitchen gadgets.

Heavy-duty measuring cups
– Stainless steel measuring cups with a reinforced handle offer serious utility for the regular cook.






Spoon-straws – If you’re a smoothie aficionado, grab these combination spoons and straws. They make it so you no longer need two separate utensils to slurp up your drink. Plus, they are made from stainless steel, so they are infinitely reusable.






Mini grater – Whether you need to grate cheese or zest, this small grater has an attached container to catch the mess. The mini grater works especially well for grating cheese at the table, when a bulky grater just won’t do.





Prep bowls – These small vessels help facilitate easy cooking by allowing you to premeasure and prepare ingredients before diving into cooking. Use them to hold everything from chopped onions to herbs. Bonus: they take up very little space on either the counter or in the cupboard.




Spice spoons – Now, you no longer need to squeeze a too big spoon out of your herb or spice container. These narrow, flat-ended spoons make scooping out the perfect amount easy.





Mini spatula – Small, metal spatulas are great for serving up brownies, appetizers, and other small foods.







Salt spoon – These long-handled spoons will help you scoop out a pinch of salt, pepper, herbs, or even condiments.






Dirty/clean magnet – After all is said and done in the kitchen, it can be hard to remember whether the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty or clean. A dirty/clean magnet helps you remember without having to crack open the door.