Beyond Earth Day: Tips for Greening Your Shopping


Earth Day (April 22) is a great reminder to think about how our choices impact the environment. But what exactly can you do in your everyday life to change your impact? Below are some green ideas that you can incorporate into your weekly shopping trips.

Buy local – Local goods travel fewer miles to get to the store. Some local products even come with less packaging. Dedicate a portion of your weekly shopping list to purchasing local products that also use local raw ingredients to double your impact.

Choose bulk – By buying bulk you can reduce the amount of packaging you personally have to discard. You also reduce the waste at the store level because bulk items come in larger containers.

Use reusable bags & containers – Sure, reusable bags and containers are great, but how do you remember to actually use them? After emptying your bags, immediately put them back in your car. Keep a variety of reusable containers for bulk items in your reusable bags and you set yourself to always have them ready for shopping! If bulky bags are not your thing, check out packable Chico bags as an alternative.

Bike, walk, bus or carpool – Reduce your reliance on and use of carbon-based fuels to get to the store. Carpooling makes trips double fun because you can share both a ride and conversation!

Look for recycled/recyclable packaging – All other qualities being equal, choose a product that has recycled or recyclable packaging. This choice keeps unusable materials out of landfills and encourages companies to be more mindful in their packaging choices.

Choose organic – Organic products require fewer chemical-based inputs. Plus, choosing organic products over their conventional counterparts shows businesses that certification means something to consumers. Sometimes however, organic certification is cost prohibitive for producers. In this case, buying local and knowing the business owner can help you make an informed buying decision.

By incorporating one or two of these ideas into your weekly shopping trips, you will decrease your impact on the environment. If each person does the same, imagine the change we can create!